Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Celebrate the Olympics

I know this may be a little silly, but I am planning a special dinner Friday night to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I want my boys to understand at a young age that this is something special and a true achievment for these althletes to even be participating. I want them to understand that the first modern Olympics were held in Greece and the Games have been held all over the world and now 108 years later, they are back in Greece.

We are going to have a pizza (rectangular) with Olympic rings on it, (the example I saw did all the rings in pepperoni, but I am thinking I can do better) a Greek salad and then a sheet cake with white icing with M&M rings on it. I could even do red, white and blue layered Jello cups, but seriously now, you know I am not really going to go through the Jello thing again.

I love the Summer Games: running, jumping, swimming and diving. I like to watch gymnastics (I can live without the "Rythmic Gymnatics" though). I get emotional when I hear our anthem played and see people waving our flag in the stands. Grab your family and celebrate with me.


SG said...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I think I may copy!

Mae said...

We used to do the same thing when I was little ~ only w/ red, white, and blue popcorn. I can still remember when Mary Lou Rhetton won the gold ~ I think I was 4! Family traditions and values are fantastic places to build love, strength, encouragment and hope. Keep on!!:)