Sunday, August 08, 2004


Tomorrow is my husband's 41st birthday. Last year on his 40th we were in the process of moving and did not have a big celebration. So last night I threw him a surprise party. It turned out to be very fun, but I was a nervous wreck all day. And he was actually surprised! I just knew he had it figured out, but apparently not. He thought he was grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for his parents and mine. His Dad took him shopping for a birthday present while we got ready at the house. We did not have as large a turnout as I would have liked, but it was more than he was expecting. Also, he did not have to cook, I had BBQ catered. Let me tell you - that is the way to go. They came, set up, brought all food, drinks, utensils, cups, ice; cooked the fries on site so they were nice and hot; then packed up and left. It was great!

Just as the last guests were leaving, Mark's college friend pulled up with his wife and little boy. Bruce had called earlier in the day to say they would not be coming. I was so disappointed! These two went through ROTC together in college, both trained as pilots, went to jump school together and served in the Army at the same time (but not together). They have remained friends all these years. We got to visit with them for a little while and it was the perfect ending to the evening.

Mark was surprised, I was relieved, the kids had a great time and everyone ate well. Not bad.

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SG said...

Wish we could have made it! Happy Birthday and Congratulations Captian Jenkins! I know that you all had a great time. I think catering is the way to go! Delivered catering especially! I bet Mark was shocked because who in their right mind would go out of town for four days just before a party??? ;-)When is the cruise? You can rest up now....and look forward to a new school year.