Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hurricane pain

Ugh! Never book a Caribbean cruise during hurricane season. I am supposed to be relaxing on calm blue waters right now, but instead I am here at home doing my usual Mommy things. My husband is on vacation this week, so at least he is here to help me divide and conquer.

I did go visit my sister and her husband and their daughter, my beautiful niece Caroline. Caroline is 2-years-old, has the palest blonde hair, startling blue eyes and is just now starting to walk. Caroline is Autistic. She is funny and fascinating, but she does not talk or even babble right now. She smiles, giggles and screams in delight or confused fright.

She is going to Minneapolis Monday to be tested and get an exact diagnosis of her problem and then they will decide what to do next; what therapy will be best for her condition. Please pray that they have a safe trip and that they get the answers they need to help this little angel. This is a frustrating condition for parents and possibly for the little person trapped in a body and a world they cannot make sense of.

I know you are a praying bunch, (all 3 or 4 of you) so please add Caroline to your list. I'll keep you posted.

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SG said...

I guess that is why you got such a great "deal"! I'll call you this weekend.