Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Nothin' Here Either

You may have noticed that I have not had a new blog in a couple of weeks. Like my dear friend Stephanie said on her blog, I have just had nothing to say. And maybe that is a good thing. I tend to think too much when I am down, and am more likely to blog or journal about hard times rather than good. Taking inspiration from Steph, here are a few things I am thankful for:
We got to go to Texas the weekend of the 9th to visit some very dear people and had a wonderful time.
Mark got home safely yesterday.
Jackson had a good check up with the ENT. This is very good news.
Jonathan may be struggling a little at school, but he is so much better off than the children in his class that I work with each week.
I survived teaching Ladies Bible Class yesterday!
Mark and I voted yesterday. Glad that is done.
The maple trees in Conway are always beautiful and they are turning now.
Giving to a worthy cause feels good.
My children are healthy.
My husband helps me around the house.
The boys made their beds today.
My husband has a job that he loves in a stable company.

I will grant you that most of these are small things, but they are good things. Happy nothing!

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SG said...

Hey most of those things are BIG things! Yeah! I had to tell you THANKYOU again for the donation and the plug!:) You are the best! Also go listen to Mae's audio blog and tell me if she sounds like anyone you know. Have a great week!

PS Jonathan is way smart! He will get it all soon.