Friday, October 29, 2004

Things I Learned from Red Ribbon Week

In case you missed it, this past week was Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is held every October to teach and reinforce to kids to stay drug free. I was on the planning committee for this at my son's elementary school.

We had a slogan and a gimmick for each day this week. We also had a poster and poetry contest. Monday's slogan was "Sock it to Drugs" so the kids wore silly socks. Tuesday was "Turn your back on drugs" and everyone was supposed to wear their clothes backwards. You get the general idea.

So what did I learn from this experience?

*Kids love any excuse to dress up.

*Getting out of class for an assembly is not truly appreciated until High School.

*By 3rd grade some kids already know too much.

*One of the few words that rhymes with drugs is thugs. Interesting, huh?

*Kids love to get prizes. (OK, I already knew this one.) Funny thing is, they did not have to know what the prize was to be thrilled at winning.

We called out names at an all school assembly and told them they had won a prize. Groups cheered and clapped as each name was called. They had no idea what the prize was. This got me to thinking about the innocence and enthusiasm of youth. We as adults know what our prize is going to be. But for the most part we do not show the proper enthusiasm for it. In fact, we (I) sometimes act like it is a chore.

We should be excited for every opportunity we have to serve Him. We should be thrilled at the idea of gathering with others to praise him. We should be enthusiastic for every chance to learn more about Him.

Lord, give me youthful enthusiasm for you and the prize we are promised.

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SG said...

Sounds like you guys do more for red ribbon week than we do! Cool!
I want to see costume pictures!