Saturday, November 13, 2004

Catching Up

Hello fellow bloggers, I am playing catch-up with my blogging. This is a long and rambling post, sorry.

Things have been busy but happy at the Jenkins household lately. Tuesday night the 1st and 2nd graders at Jonthan's school gave a recital. Very cute. Their music teacher is wonderful with the kids. I would not have believed you could get Jonathan to dance in front of hundreds of people, but he did it. So cute.

The kids were out of school Thursday and Friday, and Mark was IN school in Dallas on those days, so we left Wednesday afternoon with Mark. We flew to Dallas, had dinner at P.F. Chang's China Bistro at Northpark Center, went over to Barnes and Noble and everyone got a book, then we got two flavors of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and went back to the hotel and ate it. Not a bad day.

Mark got up early Thursday morning and went to his training thing. The boys and I got up a little later (the were literally up to see the sunrise) and had breakfast in the hotel. Then we drove over to Fort Worth to the Kimbell Art Museum. Jonathan is working on his Tiger Cub (Boy Scout) art pin and one of the requirements is to visit a museum. They actually enjoyed it! After that we detoured around the traffic jam on I35W and made it over to Southlake Christian Preschool and visited old friends. This place is very special to me, and I still miss it. Dinner was with more old friends at Don Pablo's. Another great day.

The very best part though was the news I got when I got home. One of my Fort Worth Friends had a healthy baby girl Thursday morning. I am not sure it is my place to tell this story, but let me just say this is a true blessing and we are all thrilled for her. Welcome to the world and the family Brooke!

I hope all my blog friends are having blessed, if busy, days.

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SG said...

Love the Pictures! How fun to go back and visit everyone. I got the message about Brooke on Thursday too! How exciting. I haven't gotten hold of Heidi yet but I left a message on her cell. Jonathan had great stage training at Southlake Preschool! :)