Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mum's the word

This time it is not a lack of something to blog about that prevents me from blogging. It is that I can't blog about what is on my mind the most these days. Briefly, my sister-in-law (my husband's sister) needs serious help. All I know to do right now is to pray for her and her 13-year-old daughter. We are all worried sick, but are not sure what will happen or what to do next. We need guidance. OK, I've probably said too much already.

P.S. to SG: You may see this on a "made for TV movie" yet. I'll let you know who will play you.


K said...

Your sister and her daughter are in my prayers.
Grace and Peace,

SG said...

Ok, Time for a new word! :) Miss you and hope to talk soon without my cell phone going out. E-mail me the dates that Hotel Jenkins has available so I can make my reservation. :) Wish you guys could come to Kolby's party! Why did you move to Ark. again???