Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sea Turtles

A recent conversation in the van with Jackson (almost 5) went something like this:

Jackson: I guess the birds could not make it back to their nest, so that is why they pooped on our window.

Me: So, do birds have potties in their nests?

Jackson: Yes, I think so.

Me: Well, no honey. Birds do not have potties like we do, they just go where ever they want to.

Jackson: Birds poop eggs too.

Me: No, not really.

Jackson: Yes they do.

Me: No, I promise they don't. (Now I could have just stopped right there, but then I would have missed what happened next.) Poop comes from their bottoms, eggs don't. (Ha! I side stepped that one.) Birds don't poop eggs.

Jackson: Sea turtles do.

Me: No, Jackson, they don't.

Jackson: Well, Momma I guess you've never seen a Sea Turtle.


That Girl said...

Well....HAVE you ever seen a sea turtle?

Jenni said...

Do you at least know how old they are? :-) (surely there are Nemo lovers in your house!)

SG said...

You soo totally rock little dude!
I love sea turtles.

That Jackson is a thinker. I guess still waters sre not the only ones that run deep!

SG said...

Hey does Conway really have Toadsuck Daze? See the comments in Deanna Nalls blog. If so you really need to tell us more about this.