Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The eye of the beholder

I took the boys to the pool today. I did not shower and fix myself up before I went. I just pulled my hair up and went. Why bother? Well, while I was there, Amy arrived. She is my age (39) and has three kids. Amy always looks put together to me. She is slender without being skinny. She wore a bikini today with a cute little sundress cover-up. Hair was perfect.

It was hot today. When I left my face was red and my hair was a fly-away mess. Amy left at the same time, looking like she did not sweat at all. Hair still perfect. I felt like a clod next to her.

I made the comment to Jonathan that Adam's Mom looked nice, that she always looked cute and she's nice. He obviously did not hear me. He said, "huh?" I said, "Adam's Mom." To which he replied, "Oh yeah, she has wrinkles on her face."

I love that kid!

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SG said...

Way to go Jonathan!!! He shoots ans scores big! Yeah, we all love that kid! God save us from all the Amys of the world!