Friday, July 22, 2005

The Boys of Summer

I have a confession: I do not really like baseball. It's not that I hate it, I just think it is kind of boring. I CAN NOT for the life of me pay attention to a baseball game. (That is unless Jonathan is playing, then I am Baseball Mom.)
The kicker here is that my life this summer has been all about baseball. Jonathan's team played from the end of May to the beginning of July. Two weeks ago we took the boys to watch the Arkansas Travelers play the San Antonio Missions in Little Rock.
THEN, this week happened. Tuesday morning we got up and drove 7+ hours to St. Louis (my husband works for Southwest Airlines, we could have flown for free. But that is another story, don't get me started.) We went to see the Cardinals play the Milwaukee Brewers at "the old Busch stadium" before they tear it down and finish the new one. It was miserably hot and the acoustics of that old stadium are terrible. I had trouble hearing the person sitting next to me. Wednesday we went to the Gateway Arch. We went to the museum, watched the Lewis & Clark movie and then went up in the arch. Very enjoyable day. (Note: going up in the Arch is not for the even slightly claustrophobic. You must ride up in a elevator capsule about the size of the front seat of a minivan.) We got home about 1:15 Thursday morning. Thursday night we met with Jonathan's Cub Scout Pack and went to yet another Traveler's game. I am way over my maximum allowable baseball limit this summer. I need a Girl's Only Weekend or something to counteract all the testosterone that has been surrounding me for months.
P.S. WHY, oh why do boys (young and old) need to discuss bodily functions? I am tired, so I will end with this: why did God create mosquitoes and flatulence? I hope you are smiling as you go off and ponder this.


DJG said...

Just go ahead and plan to come to Nashville with SG. We will all get together and have a good time.

Karen said...

They're tearing down Busch Stadium?? jaw drops That's where I saw my first major league baseball game.... (okay, I've only seen like 3 or 4, but I was just a kid then).

I'm too jealous of the free airline tickets. We could use some perks like that, especially now we live way over on the west coast!

elizabeth said...

I haveeen to Busch Stadium, too. I also remember the elevator ride to the top of the Arch and how it would sway in the wind. Im getting nauseous thinking about it...