Friday, December 23, 2005

Jonathan's 12 Days of Christmas Song

One of Jonathan's homework assignments last week was to write new words to "The 12 Days of Christmas" song. Here is what he (with a little help from me) came up with:

On the First day of Christmas my mother gave to me
A foot-long chili hot dog.
...Two cheeseburgers.
...Three pizza slices.
...Four chicken nuggets.
...Five onion rings!
...Six sugar cookies.
...Seven bowls of soup.
...Eight rootbeer floats.
...Nine gummy gumdrops.
...Ten crispy French fries.
...Eleven beef tacos.
...Twelve candy canes.

Merry Christmas!


SG said...

So is he hungry or was it supposed to be a food song? Those groing boys!

DJG said...

All I can't think of is "INDEGESTION"

Antique Mommy said...

Very creative! I think I like his version better. Makes more sense than giving someone a chorus line of Lords a leapin' -- give me something I can eat or exchange!