Friday, February 24, 2006

Our first port of call: Playa del Carmen
We went horseback riding, a first for both of us. I want to do it again! Next time I will remember to wear sunscreen though. I burned my arms on this ride and did not want to be in the sun after this. Now my arms are peeling, or as Jackson says "molting."

We rode our horses to the beach, then some crazy people got in the water. Some even rode horses bareback in the water. I was not one of those, but guess who was?

This picture was taken at the horse ranch. It was a very pretty place. However, the ride getting there was pretty sad. We saw poverty unlike anything here in the States.

I took this one for the boys. This is outside the dining room doors. The dining room was themed "The King & I", it was ornate and quite spectacular.

Second port of call: Costa Maya
We visited some Mayan ruins at Chacchoben (Chack-cho-bin). This was very interesting. I want to go back and take the boys. They would love this!


Karen said...

We went to Costa Maya on our last cruise, too. I broke my foot a couple days earlier on Grand Cayman, so all I got to do was be pushed around the port in a wheelchair for a little while before my husband and our oldest went horseback riding. Hopefully we will make it back, and I will be on 2 legs that time!

Antique Mommy said...

Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Antique Daddy is ready to get away for a week, but I'm still not able to leave the little boy that long. Two nights tops.

SG said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you and Mark had fun. I once asked Rob if he wanted to go on a cruise. No never. He just doesn't like someone else directing his path into the unknown for that many days... and then he added "Don't you remember the Titanic?" UUUGGGHHH!