Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Third Generation Fans

In 1973 my parents went to see the Rolling Stones at Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. I remember stories about my mother getting her first glimpse of Mick Jagger and then grabbing my Dad by the hand and dragging him closer to the stage.

In 1994, for our first anniversary, Mark and I bought tickets to see the Stones in Little Rock. The Rolling Stones had never been to Little Rock before, so this was an historic moment. It was held in War Memorial Stadium which is an open air football stadium. It was misting rain that might and the news helicopters were hovering overhead to capture footage for their 10:00 broadcasts. It was all very surreal.

Tomorrow night Mark and I are going to see them again. I am so excited! This time they will be performing in Alltel Arena, a relatively new venue. We figure this is most likely their last tour, so we wanted to be there. Turns out, my children want to be there too.

Yesterday Jonathan asked me why I did not buy tickets for them too. They will tell you that the Rolling Stones are the greatest rock 'n roll band in the world. I have raised them right.

They asked me this morning at breakfast if I thought people would still be listening to the Stones when they (my boys) were adults. I have to say I think they will be.

Maybe they will raise a fourth generation of fans.

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