Friday, April 21, 2006

History Has a Way...

Of repeating itself. When Jonathan lost his first tooth, it was a traumatic thing. For me. We went to see Shrek II and he apparently swallowed his tooth along with his popcorn. His first baby tooth! I cried as the movie started.

He also swallowed his third tooth. I was much calmer that time.

Earlier this week Jackson, my baby, had two loose teeth. This happened sooner than I expected, I was not ready. He went to school Tuesday with one VERY loose tooth. I was not surprised when he came up to me after school with the tooth in a tiny plastic treasure chest. I looked in and there it was, that precious first tooth. Then I closed the chest and handed it back to Jackson. What was I thinking?! When Jonathan got to us, Jackson opened the chest to show off his tooth - and he lost it. The tooth flew out of the chest and into the grass. We started pulling up grass and combing the area. We attracted several helpers, but we did not find the tooth. Not again! I guess I am not destined to have my children's first teeth. (And really, what would I do with them?)

Jackson has already lost his second tooth. He has the cutest gap and just the slightest lisp. I am going to take a picture of him this afternoon.

Oh, and that second tooth? It is in a Ziploc bag, where I hope it is safe.


Antique Mommy said...

For some reason I am dreading that part of Sean's growing up experience.

SG said...

Yes after loosing 11 teeth....yes 11 you start letting the tooth fairy take the teeth. Because really when you are 80 are you really gonna want that tooth?