Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Fever

The weather is beautiful here and I cannot get motivated to blog about anything. It is not true Spring Fever, because I am actually getting some things accomplished around the house. Finally. It is just the computer that is not getting my attention. This is the first day it has been on for a few days. That could be a record.

The boys have a different version of Spring Fever though. Jackson has decided that he does not want to go to school. Ever. Jonathan would much prefer it if school started about 9 a.m. and I have to agree. I am trying to motivated them this week by reminding them that they each have a field trip on Friday. The Kindergarteners are going to the Little Rock Zoo and the Second graders are going to see something at the IMAX theater, also in Little Rock. This means, obviously, that I need to be in two places at the same time. We finally decided that Mark would go with Jonathan, since the IMAX is close to the airport and Marks has to fly later that day. I get to go to the zoo. Yippee.

I have not been to the Little Rock Zoo in many years. It was not great then, but maybe it has gotten better. My boys have been to the Fort Worth Zoo several times, and it is fantastic. Maybe Jackson does not remember it very well and won't be too disappointed.

Enjoy the Spring weather.


SG said...

Waco has a zoo. We like it! :)

Diana said...

He went to school with a rock in his ear!!! OMG he must have had the whole class distracted, I bet all the kids wanted to see it!
Thanks for visiting me. You have beautiful boys- and the hair on Ella, loving it!