Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas 2006

Jonathan "the Happy Elf" on Christmas morning.

Jackson finds a red MagnaMan in his stocking.

Santa brought both boys an R2-D2 for Christmas.

Every year we try to get a group picture at either Thanksgiving or Christmas. This year Christmas was the day. It is a rare and special occasion when all of this group can get together. Many times there is at least one person who cannot be there for one reason or another.

It is a comedy of errors to try to set 2 and sometimes 3 cameras to timer mode and then get everyone back into the picture and not lose a toddler or a dog in the process.

I hope my boys realize someday how lucky they were to have all four grandparents at most holidays and other special events. I never had that. I only had three grandparents to start with, and then my grandmothers did not get along.

We have a new tradition (if 2 years in a row counts) of breaking "poppers" after dinner. They make noise and have trinkets in them, but most importantly, each one has a crown inside. There is nothing better than seeing usually serious adults wearing silly paper crowns. Need proof?

Larry, my brother-in-law, sporting a lovely pink crown.
Mark with a crown to match his sweater.
My dad with his orange "it's time to make the doughnuts" hat.
The three stooges, my sister, mom and me. We are all wearing gold crowns, aren't we special?

Tomorrow (New Year's Day) is Jonathan's birthday. I cannot believe he is going to be 9-years-old! We are going to "the farm" for a couple of days. That is what he wanted, and it sounded great to us too.

"See" you next year. I will try to be a better blogger, or at least a more frequent one. TTFN!

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