Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Have SNOW!

My kids are so excited. It is 9:46 pm right now and they are watching TV and playing video games with their Daddy. They are usually in bed by now, but they do not have school tomorrow because it snowed today.

About 2:00 this afternoon it started snowing lightly. The kids at school went nuts! Snow is not a common occurrence around here. Even tough it was barely visible on the grass, they were already planning and praying for a snow day. Then it stopped. Then as we were leaving for church, it started coming down in big, beautiful clumps. I love it when that happens. School is definitely closed tomorrow.

This neighborhood is going to be crawling with kids tomorrow. The boys have a new sled that we bought last year and never got to use. I can't wait to get some pictures of the boys in the snow. (I will even post some, Steph.)


Jonathan is ready for battle. He wanted to got out into the snow early this morning.

It took Jackson forever to get all his layers of clothes on and get outside, but he had a great time once he got there.

Jackson with neighbor and fellow first-grader William.

Jonathan with neighborhood classmates Jacob, Desiree and Mallory.


SG said...

Thanks! We got a snow day and three snow mornigs but no snow!!! Just old slippery ice... MAN!!!

Serendipity said...

Good for people to know.