Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not a Good Week

Monday we found out that a friend and fellow scouting dad had died suddenly Sunday night. I am still having trouble believing that this man is gone. And if I feel that way, how must his family feel? It is tragic.

He and his wife were the best example of a blended family that I have seen. Eric Hall was a widower with a young daughter when he married Amy Jo. She had a young son. A few years later they had a son together. These kids are now 14, 9 and 4. And yes, the daughter now has no living parents. She sees Amy Jo as her mother and I believe that will not change.

Mark put it best: Eric was the epitome of the Cub Scout promise. He lived it everyday of his life. "I promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people and obey the Law of the Pack." He was a Christian, an Air Force veteran and a man always willing to lend a hand.

The funeral is today. The Cub Scouts are planning to go in uniform. That alone is enough to make me want to cry.

In other news, my mother had surgery yesterday. She is doing well, but we are staying busy this week visiting her, helping my dad and trying to do whatever we can for the Hall family. Last night I was exhausted, but not complaining. We are very blessed.

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