Monday, February 04, 2008

Catch Up Time

I can't believe I have not had a new post in so long. Bad Blogger, shame on me.

I guess the biggest thing going on that I have not blogged about is the new addition to our household. We have another dog. This is Grady:

Grady was found by my aunt. He did not have a collar and no one seemed to be looking for him. My aunt asked me if we wanted another dog. I firmly said no. You see how well that worked. We brought him home on a trial basis to see if he and our first child, I mean dog, would get along. This was in early December and he is still here. He was already housebroken, he had been "fixed" and he is a pretty laid back character. Too good to be true? Of course.

After the holidays we took him in to get him checked out by the vet. She said he is a Shih Tzu mix about 2-3 years old. Oh, and he has heartworms. Heartworm treatment is $$$. I did not love this dog $$$ worth. Ugh. Sooooo...

After some debating we decided to have him treated. Before treating him, they needed to make sure he was healthy enough to stand the treatment. Bloodwork looked good. "Something" showed up on the x-ray around his heart. Could be this, could be that. Give him pills for 2 weeks and bring him back. Two weeks later "something" is smaller, but still there. He needs an ultrasound to determine what it is. Finally some good news: treating the heartworms should take care of the other problem. Oh goody, now we get to spend that $$$ on him afterall.

Of course with every day the boys just love him more. He is growing on me too, I guess. Corky tollerates him most of the time, but he will remind Grady pretty fast if he oversteps his bounds.

Two weeks ago the boys and I planned to fly out on a Saturday morning and join Mark on part of his trip. We were supposed to meet up in Albequerque and see some sights, then fly with him to Portland, Oregon and see some more sights the next day. Nice plan, huh?

Well, it did not work out that way, but we had fun anyway. As non-rev flyers, we can go as long as there are empty seats. We made it to Dallas and they pulled us off. We looked at our options and alternatives and made the decision move on to Plan B. We rented a car and drive to Waco to visit our good friends there. Plan B turned out to be a lot of fun. I am grateful to Stephanie for helping to save our weekend and put us up (and put up with us) at the last minute.

Jackson, who HATES change, did not want to go to Waco at first. He wanted to see his Daddy. In true Jackson style though, he had a great time and sobbed as we left our friends behind. He wanted to stay in Waco. That boy!

Currently my cousin is in the hospital with bacterial pneumonia. They have had to sedate him to prevent him from pulling out the tubes and stuff. If you think about it, say a prayer for him. He is very sick and has not had an easy life anyway.

In the meantime, it is 77 degrees here and Mark is weathered in in Chicago! Crazy.

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SG said...

We loved having you and can't wait to see you guys again. Maybe the former owners couldn't handle the heart worms and let the little guy go loose. Sad. Can't imagine doing that. But it happens.