Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March (Weather) Madness

Yes, it is March 4th and the boys are out of school for a snow day. That is crazy! This is the first snow we have seen all season, and really I thought we'd be snow-less this year. But surprise!

The boys jumped out of bed and went in the backyard in their robes. I called them back pretty quickly, don't worry.

I think our house looks pretty in snow. The roof and the sky almost blend into one another. Brrrr!

One of the many snowmen that sprouted up in our neighborhood today. Mark helped our boys and a friend build this one in our yard.

Jackson was not happy at all about the snowball that hit him right in the face.


Snow is such a novelty around here. Jackson wanted to save this snowball, reminding me of the story on PBS's "Arthur" of DW and her snowball.

Jonathan was so excited about the snow he could not wait to get outside!

If one snowfall in March was not crazy enough, they are now predicting a chance of more of the white stuff on Friday. Seriously?!

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SG said...

It's 77 here today. I almost got a sun burn weeding this morning.