Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Note to self:  today I was special in the eyes of my 4-year-old.  Early this afternoon for no apparent reason, Jackson came to me and told me I am the "bestest Momma in the whole wide world."  Those are heady words.  Seriously, what better praise could I ask for?  Being a Mom is my full-time, 24/7 job. 
Plus this is a little boy who has not always seemed so happy lately.  He sometimes cries at bedtime that he wants to move back to our old house in Texas.  (We have been here for nearly a year.)  So to hear him happy was a great thing.  He also told his brother that he is the "bestest" brother.  (OK, to be honest, at bedtime tonight he also told me he thinks he has the "bestest" bookshelves in his room.)  I am hanging on to my title anyway. 
I am really hoping this is a sign that he has turned a corner and is going to be happy where he is.  I know, I know, he is 4 and will adjust, but it hurts to see him sad.  So what brought this on today?  I do not know.  As a family we have had a busy summer and made many happy memories, I hope.  We have been to two weddings and to Sea World and are planning a trip to visit friends in Waco.  Today was just an ordinary day.  We mostly stayed home and did nothing.  There is a lesson in there somewhere, I just know it. 


SG said...

I think you are pretty special too! Can't wait to see you next week! Too tired too blog today. Must clean house!

Mae said...

I got here via SG's blog. Just want to say welcome to the blog family!
Also, my mother stayed at home with us too, and the BESTEST memories I have are the ones where we did stay at home and do absolutely nohting. My favorite was where all of us were outside, Mom was sunning, had a drink beside her and just burst out laughing (I can still remember the color of her bathingsuit and her sunglasses on top of her head and I couldn't have been over 4.) Our great dane, Shadow, woke mom up from a quick nap with lapping sounds. The lapping was of her drink, a Sun-drop. We all thought that was the funniest thing in the world... and it porbably still is. Cherish those afternoons!