Thursday, August 12, 2004

Lost Tooth

Jonathan lost his first tooth yesterday. When I say he lost it, I mean he LOST it. Gone. Can't be found. Actually I think I know where I might find it, but I am not looking too closely.

We were about to see Shrek 2 for the second time. We had our big drinks, our big buttered popcorn and the movie was just about to start when he jumped up and said "my tooth is gone!" We tried to look, but of course it was dark. I sobbed into my napkins as the music played. We looked around after the movie, but no tooth. I was expecting more. I thought there would be a big moment when it finally came out. A little drama for this milestone of life maybe. Nope. It was just gone. I wanted to save that precious first baby tooth (for what I don't know). Oh well.

Jonathan dictated an email to the Tooth Fairy and explained what happened. She did her thing and he was thrilled this morning. (He got $5 for that first tooth, we explained it will be less next time.) I am still a little let down.

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Mae said...

How exciting is the life of a mom??!!! I can't wait to join the ranks ~ so sad that you can't put that precious tooth in his scrapbook, but at least you have the story! :) (I wouldn't go looking in that suspicious place either!)