Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Summer's Over?

Have you ever had what my family refers to as "the dream?" In the dream you are in college and realize that it is time for the final and you have not studied. Or maybe you never went to class at all. There are endless variations. But at the core is school and panic. School stars on Thursday and I am feeling a little panicky. I even had a new variation on the dream: it is Jonathan's first day of school and I forgot to send his school supplies. Never mind that I bought all his stuff weeks ago and I am sure it would not be a huge deal if he did not bring everything on the first day. In my dream it was not good. I was a failure in a whole new school setting. Does it ever end?!

Then I worry about summer coming to an end. Did they have a good summer? We should have read more. I should have made Jonathan practice writing more. We should have gone swimming more!

Don't get me wrong, we had a very busy and fun filled summer. There is just something in me that always wonders "was it enough?" I need to work on that.

P.S. My Mom had a test done on her hip this morning. It looks like she will probably need hip replacement surgery. Pray that this takes care of the horrible pain she has been suffering lately.


That Girl said...

I had "the dream" last night! I graduated from college in 1988 and I STILL worry! One of the worst dreams is that I realize at the end of the semester that I've been cutting a class everyday and then have to take the final. I hate waking up feeling guilty because I haven't studied enough! I should've had those feelings then!

SG said...

I felt the same way and still do. We do our best and trust God with the rest. Just made that up. I think it is my new Mantra! maybe I will blog about that!