Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Where Has the Time Gone?

My 20 year class reunion is coming up Labor Day weekend. Oh my goodness, where did the time go? I cannot possibly be that old. I remember my MOTHER's 20th reunion! I am excited and nervous. Will I recognize everyone? Will they recognize me despite the fact that I have gained more than a pound for each year we've been out of school and I might be a little blonder than I was back then? And honestly why do I really care? I have not kept in touch with any of my classmates, and probably won't see much of them after this weekend, so why worry? Because that is the way I am. I can't help it.

I have wondered about this reunion ever since my mother's 20th. (It was not until then that it occurred to me that I would be attending one of these eventually.) I started wondering then who would be bald, gray, fat or fantastic. Now it is here and I can't believe we are all that old! We have at least two grandmothers in our class and one (early) retiree. Wait, it was not so long ago that we were crusing the Sonic and playing Centipede and Pac Man at the "Fun Center." That grandmother was a cheeleader and the retiree was on the tennis team. The country song "1980 Something" could have been written about us. We were the class of 1984, George Orwell's book was about us. (Well, the title anyway.) We were the Izod/Polo shirt, Calvin Klein Jeans, penny loafer wearing preppy kids. Where did the time go?

I'll have to get back to you about any reunion shockers. Such as: is the girl who was mean to me fat now? (She is one of the grandmothers). Will the lesbian bring her friend? How many husbands has ***** had now (at least 3 or 4)? There are other juicer stories out there, but I don't want to be THAT tacky.

Sorry for the rambling thoughts, but this is what is on my mind today. Anyone out there have any good reunion stories they want to share?


Jenni said...

I'm headed to my 10-year reunion in a few weeks -- and have many of the same thoughts as you! Probably not too many changes yet, but you never know....

SG said...

OH MY GOSH! Look how cute you are! I am so excited for you for your reunion. CALL ME! I am to wired to type. I just ate chocolate covered expresso beans not thinking what they would do...I'll be wide awake all night for sure!