Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Reality Bites

Well fellow bloggers, something was confirmed for me this week that I suspected 2 years ago. My blue-eyed angel niece suffered birth trauma and has brain damage as a result. She does NOT have Autism, although she has many Autistic symptoms. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am at the doctors and nurses that delivered her and the system that is conspiring to protect them and their hospital. It is bad enough that they damaged my niece, but they have conveniently lost some of her records! Highly suspicious in my book. On top of that my sister also suffered at their hands. She has recovered physically. The short version is that a C-section should have been performed, but they forced a "natural" birth.

My sister blames herself for choosing a hospital further from her house because it was supposed to be better. The hospital in Reston, Virginia was supposed to be top notch. She is telling herself that if she had only stayed in Manassass, Caroline would be normal. I told her this was flawed thinking, but she cannot stop.

The good news is that the doctors think she can be helped. The brain continues to mature (and heal) until we are 18-years-old. Caroline's brain is already healing and she is making progress everyday. I pray that she amazes us all someday with what she can do.

Thanks fellow bloggers for letting me get this out. I needed to vent.


Holly said...

Thank you for sharing such a piece of your heart with those of us reading here today... know that prayers are on their way, and Sweet Caroline (as Neil Diamond might call her) is a unique and special creation whose life is intended for something God has already planned. The Bible is full of stories of people overcoming through the power of the Lord within them... Caroline, too, will someday tell her story, and lives WILL be changed.

SJ said...

Thank you so much for your words Holly. I forwarded your comment to my sister, I think she needs to "hear" that.

SG said...

How could you not be angry! I remember her birth from your accounts. I am so sorry, but so glad that there is hope that Caroline will be able to heal! Autism is forever.

I am so hoping that Caroline will get the help she needs now and be able to thrive! How in the world did you find this all out? Did I miss a blog or something? You know I will pray for her!

I miss you! wish there was more to report but alass more of the same!

Val said...

My sister was also the victim of "misplaced" records when her mammogram was misread and she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. We were angry, too. My prayers are with your family.