Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What a party!

Last Thursday I went to the most happenin' 1st grade birthday party ever. The parents had hired Radio Disney to come out and surprise their son and DJ his party. He got to invite his entire class, his Cub Scout Den and neighborhood friends. There was music, games and a dance contest (Jonathan won, thank you very much). There were even a few trivia questions for the parents. (Can you name all 6 Village People?)

The greatest thing about this party was the generous heart of the birthday boy. JT made the decision several weeks ago to give all his birthday presents (from his friends) to charity. He chose Arkansas Children's Hospital as his charity. What a great example this child is to his peers! All the moms I talked to were trying to convince their children to consider following JT's example.

His parents are obviously doing something right. They did not ask him to do this, it was his idea to share his wealth. Way to go JT!


SG said...

I think it has to be the child's idea. Kolby's first birthday here I said "no presents please" on the invitation. We had only been here 2 months, and I didn't expect these people to buy her a gift.... I will have to pay for the therapy later. Kolby thought I was the Meanest Mommy E V E R !

Holly said...

Cool kid! Pass my kudos on to his parents... reminds me of an Oprah show a few years ago where a little girl used her birthday party as a chance to get her friends involved in charity work... one year it was a soup kitchen, the next it was an animal shelter. Instead of gifts for her, the girl had her friends bring donations for the homeless at the soup kitchen and bags of dog and cat food for the animal shelter. Hannah Kay's birthday is Sept. 11 (2000 not 2001). For her 2nd birthday, we tried to ask people to make donations to the Todd Beamer ("Let's Roll" guy) Foundation. Guests brought donations, but they seemed to want to bring gifts, too. I hope and pray as Hannah Kay grows up and begins to realize what 9-11 means in this country, she will want to do something to honor the victims of that day by using her birthday as a chance to rally people for some greater good. Sounds like JT might be a great teacher!