Sunday, February 27, 2005

And the Winner Is...

Gross Out Warning!

In the spirit of today's Academy Awards, I am handing out the Sickies. (This is what I am dealing with this weekend.)

The award for neatest sick person goes to Jonathan Jenkins. He got one spot on the rug.

The award for the smelliest and most colorful sick person goes to Jackson Jenkins. Strawberry jello and Bologna for dinner, enough (or maybe too much) said.

And for the most explosive and wide spread, the Sickie goes to Captain Mark Jenkins for his mad, but unsuccessful dash to the bathroom.

My sister is on her way to my parent's house and I was excited that finally we were going to be able to watch the Red Carpet Parade together. Not to be. Although I have not gotten sick yet, I have been banned from my parents house on the idea that I could be a "carrier" of this stomach bug.

The good part is that I get to keep my husband home this week and the bug is violent, but short lived. Mark was supposed to leave this afternoon and return on Thursday night. That is a long time for a 4-year-old boy to be waiting on his Daddy to come home. (Jonathan and I miss him too, of course, but Jackson seems to take it the hardest.)

Gotta go check on the laundry. Have a great week everyone.


SG said...

Get Well Jenkins family!!! So sorry you all have the crud but glad Mark was grounded and you get to see him ALL WEEK LONG! :)

Susie said...

Get well soon! That's going around here, too. My 5 y/o got thrown up on at school during nap time (they accidently threw away her nap mat and jeans!), and she brought it home to me! Not fun!

Clarissa said...

Oh, yes! There's joy in the midst of the vomit, I hear it.

Hope you're spared.