Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sad Reality Check

Yesterday was not a good day for me. Someone made me mad, really mad. I fell and hurt myself. Today, that all seems petty.
I received an e-mail from a dear friend last night asking me to call her (she had lost my phone number). It was a little late, so I waited and called her at work today. As I feared, she had bad news. Keri Ann Nebgen, of Jacksboro, Texas, died in a car wreck Monday. Keri was 35 and the mother of two young boys. The boys were with her, but they survived.
That alone is sad enough, but there is a sad story behind the story. Years ago I worked for Lone Star Airlines. Lone Star was like a large family. We were a small company of mostly young people. Many people met their future spouses there. That is where I met my husband. That is where Keri Carpenter met Gary Nebgen. They were married a year or so before Mark and I were. Gary and Keri had Wyatt in 1994. He was a happy, beautiful little boy. Wyatt died of SIDS when he was 7 months old. Gary and Keri were devastated. Six years later they had Wesley, now 5, and then little brother Hoyt.
Now Gary is left to raise his two remaining children. My heart hurts for him. I cannot even imagine what he is going through. This sweet man needs our prayers.
Say a prayer of thanks today as you handle the little petty things in your day to day routine. Say a prayer of thanks when your spouse gets home. Say a prayer for Gary Nebgen and his precious little boys.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Man, I can not imagine. Gary and the rest of the family will be in our prayers.

Brett Perkins
San Antonio

Jacinda said...

I am so sorry for the loss of this mother.

Kristen said...

That is a heartbreaking story. The family will be in our prayers.

Rachel said...

I love Aunt Keri Very Much!! I miss her!!