Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blogger Block

I have been gently chastized for not updating my blog more. I admit I am blocked. I am busy too, but mostly I can't think of anything to say. I thought I'd try what SG and several others have tried: go to the 5th sentence of your 23rd blog and look at it for deeper meaning. OK, I'm game. But here it is:

There were even a few trivia questions for the parents. (Can you name all 6 Village People?)

Um - I am fairly certain there is no deeper or hidden meaning or agenda here. It sounds pretty shallow, and possibly amusing. I am going to reach here and see what happens. This sentence was in reference to a birthday party for a 7-year-old boy. He had decided to donate all his toys to Arkansas Children's Hospital. His parents were so proud of his decision that they got Radio Disney to come to his party as a surprise for him. I am still impressed with this boy's generous spirit. I wish my children felt the same way, because they certainly do not need any more toys. (I can hear SG laughing.)

Mark went to a Scout meeting the other night and learned about a program called Scouting for Food. Cub Scouts collect canned food and donate to the local food bank. What was stunning to Mark was a statistic they cited: 3000 people in Faulkner County go to bed hungry every night. This is a pretty prosperous and growing area we live in. That there could be so many hungy people right here in our "backyard" is heartbreaking.

This is the perfect time of year to look around and be thankful for what you have and reach out and help those who have less. I want to encourage everyone to donate to something this season. There are so many worthy causes out there, just pick one (or more) and do what you can.
(Hey, that's not too bad considering what I had to work with.)

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SG said...

Good Job! You did have a hard one.

Kolby always asks me to check your blog for pictures of the boys. She was thrilled witht he halloween picture but wouls like to ssee them withthe mask on...