Friday, February 03, 2006

True Confessions

This is something not everyone knows about me. My family knows, but my friends probably don't. OK, here it is: I sing to my dog. Really. He was my first child, so I guess I practiced on him. But I still do it. Usually it involves his name set to a familiar tune. Why do I do this? I really cannot explain it.

I have even sung to my parents dog, Buzz, a Border Collie type. He did not seem to appreciate it very much. Imagine Lurch from the Adams' Family. He just looked up at me like "why are you doing this to me."

Corky, my fuzzy baby, does not know any different. Corky's parents were both pedigreed. Problem is one was a pedigreed Pomeranian and the other was a pedigreed Shih Tzu. Mark thinks it is hilarious to tell people that Corky is a Shiteranian. He looks like a big Pomeranian (11 pounds vs. 6 pounds). He has a Shih Tzu personality. In other words he is perfect. He is a spoiled brat. He sleeps in our bed. He barks at anything that has the audacity to come down his street. He has learned to love the boys, although at first he seemed to prefer to pretend they did not exist. He barks and tries to catch any dogs on TV. You don't believe me? You should have been here when we watched "Snow Dogs". It drove him crazy. I had to hold him back.

He is great company. The house seems empty if he is not here. OK, I have to stop, I feel a song coming on.


SG said...

You're right I didn't know this. HMMMMM

Antique Mommy said...

A very cheerful post, which I needed today. Is singing to your dog not normal? We used to sing "Cooper Ann!" to the tune of Finiculah Finiculee (and I'm absolutely sure that is not how it is spelled)No other words, just Cooper Ann in it's variations repeated about 89 times. She seemed to get into it, but not as much as us. We even have a Cooper Ann dance. Aaah! Good times.