Monday, March 27, 2006

The Rock

Thursday afternoon as I was sitting in the St. Louis airport, my cell phone rang. When I answered Mark asked me, with panic in his voice, "where are your tweezers?" Right away, I know this cannot be good. Trying to stay calm, I tell him that my tweezers are in my suitcase sitting beside me. "WHY?"

"Well, Jonathan put a pebble in Jackson's ear and we cannot get it out." The boys had tried to get it out before telling Mark, and probably pushed it farther in.

Plan B: Take Jackson to my parents house and see if Gran can get it out. My mother is standing at the ready when they get there with 2 different sterilized tweezers. No go.

Plan C: The emergency room at the local hospital. (Now remember, I am stuck in St. Louis while my baby makes his first trip to the ER. I am holding my cell phone willing it to ring with news that the rock is out and everything is fine.) Finally Mark calls....the ER doctor cannot get it out.

Plan D: He will have to see an ENT specialist. Tomorrow. Jackson is the only one of us who has been to an ENT doctor, so we get an appointment with his doctor for noon Friday. Jackson is not in pain, so he sleeps and goes to school the next day with the rock in his ear.

Having the right tool made all the difference. Rock gets extracted and Jackson goes back to school with the rock in a baggie to show everyone.

Happy Spring Break!


Teague said...

This sounds like one of those everything that can go wrong will situations, and a bad day for you. My sister was sent to the ER twice in her early childhood, once for a cut that needed stiches, and once for a dislocated elbow. Their way of getting hurt is much more creative than just triping or climbing too high and falling like most kids.

Teague said...
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Teague said...

Sorry. For some reason every coment I post is getting posted twice today.

SG said...

Well the St Louis airport may have beeen the calmer place to be...I think the rock should go in the scrapbook! :)

Antique Mommy said...

That kid must have rock(s) in his head! (groan... couldn't resist) Your story scares me because I know it's just a matter of time....

Also, my mother was at STL on Thursday too, did you see her? Silver hair?