Saturday, June 10, 2006

Quiet Time

It is Saturday morning and my house is quiet. Strangely quiet. There are no cartoons blaring from the TV. No kids asking what's for breakfast. No husband snoring in the bed.

Last night after a softball game and a baseball game, the boys went home with Mark's parents. Early this morning Mark left for work. Corky (our dog) and I are home alone.

Mark has called once so far to check in. Jackson has called twice, once just to check in, another to fuss at me for not packing his flip-flops. My mother-in-law called to ask if they could take the boys to see "Cars". They are going to have a great time today.

They have barely been gone 12 hours and I miss them. I know I should enjoy this time. Relax or maybe get something productive done. I could clean their rooms and throw out all the little toys from fast food restaurants that they would not miss but cannot bare to throw out them selves. I could (and should) go grocery shopping, a task they hate and one I dread when they are both with me. I could schedule that massage, manicure and pedicure Mark and the boys gave me for Mother's Day.

I will probably not do any of those things. Soon I will take a shower and get dressed. Then I will check email. Again. Clean the kitchen. (Finger tapping, finger tapping...) As soon as it is reasonable, I will go get the boys. It is too quiet in this house.

Did I mention that I miss my boys?


Anonymous said...
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Antique Mommy said...

You could at least be reading my blog!

SG said...

Sweet...but i vote you schedule the massage!

elizabeth said...

It is always so bittersweet when the kids are gone. Our boys were gone last weekend and it seemed strange to have a deafening quite house!

Hope to see you at SG's shower!