Friday, October 06, 2006

Hitting the Target

There are many things I do not understand about the male human being. There is one thing though that truly does not make sense to me: Why is it that if they have a "precision instrument" with which they can urinate into a Coke bottle if the need arises, can they not manage to urinate into the toilet without marking the surrounding territory?

I recently had the boys' bathroom redone. Where there used to be goldish animal printish wallpaper, there is now white beadboard. The boys lack of good aim is much more apparent now. Yuck. What is the deal with that?

A school in Norway recently drew attention to itself and sparked a political debate when they announced that boys had to sit to urinate. I understand their frustration.

Maybe in the next bathroom redo, I will just have the whole room done in porcelain tile and put a drain in the middle of the floor. Then I could just turn the garden hose on the whole deal.

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SG said...

Yes, I blamed the dog for weeks before I realized it was Rhett who was missing his mark! Seriously I though Berkly was going in the bathroom and lifting his leg. I told my friend and she just laughed. Are you sure it's not Rhett? I was apalled! Of couse it wasn't. But I started checking the bathroom after I heard Rhett come out of there...and sure enough! YUCK! Girls don't do that!