Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Tried!

I tried to post Halloween pictures of the boys. Twice. Blogger did not cooperate, so maybe I will try again. Then again, I might just move on to the next thing.

Speaking of the next thing, I tried to get a jump on the season and take a holiday photo of the boys in front of the fireplace today. Never mind that it is nearly 80 degrees in November. Photo 1: Jackson is looking off camera; photo 2: not bad, not great either; photo 3: Jonathan is snarling; photo 4: Jackson's eyes are closed. Between 4 and 5 the boys start rolling on the floor like puppies. Photo 5: almost there; photo 6: Jonathan looks big-eyed and stiff.

And then my batteries died. So much for that bright idea.


SG said...

I can only post pictures from Picassa now. Blogger is the worst! :) Call you soon...or will try anyway!

SG said...

Try again...