Wednesday, March 14, 2007

10 Days, 14 Hours...And Counting

In 10 days, 11 housrs and 58 seconds from the time I am writing this, we are leaving to go hang out with The Mouse. We are going on a Disney Cruise! Can you tell I am excited?

Mark and I have been on two other cruises and loved the experience, but this is the first time we are takeing the boys. AND it is Disney. Woo-hoo!

The boys are out for Spring Break and Mark was able to get vacation that week, so we are gone. I have been buying clothes for myself and the boys for months. These things take planning, don't cha know? Then I bought 3 more pairs of shoes today, just to be safe.

Did I mention that I am excited?

Update: My Magical Countdown Clock now reads 8:22:15:25!

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