Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer So Far

We spent the second week in June at Cub Scout Day Camp. The first couple of days were not too bad, but Wednesday and Thursday were miserably hot. By Friday we were all tired and grumpy and ready for it to be over. We were called the "Arctic Foxes." Our group was 17 boys, all ages 7 & 8. They are good kids, but even 17 good kids is a lot!

Jonathan team is not having a great season, but they are having fun. As long as they get a snowcone when it is over, they are happy.

The pool has been our favorite hang-out so far this summer. The boys are getting to be better and better swimmers. Jonathan even earned his Aquanaut badge at camp this year. Way to go!

Jackson loves to play around in the water, but is happier with some goggles on. He gets them so tight on his face they leave red circles around his eyes. This child was so afraid of the water a few years ago. It is wonderful to see him swimming and enjoying himself in the pool.

Jackson loves to run the bases after Jonathan's games. Jackson played softball this year, but I don't have any pictures yet. I have one more chance. His team has had a pretty good season. They are so much fun to watch that I forget to take pictures.

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