Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Floating the River

Just over a week ago, Mark and I took the boys on our first float trip. We, and some other people we love dearly, spent the weekend in cabins on the White River.

On Saturday we loaded into three rubber rafts and floated and paddled our way down a very pretty section of the river. We had lunch along the way, which was very nice until the Pringles can got soggy and the chips all melted into a VERY greasy mess in the bottom of our raft. I will never eat Pringles again!

We saw flowers, butterflies (check out Antique Mommy's photo), fish, turtles, all kids of trees and tall bluffs. Mark and I saw something we think may have been a muskrat. The trip was pretty and very relaxing. By the way, despite being the end of August, the water there was extremely cold.

This adventure took us about 4 hours and we were fairly tired afterward. We gathered for a late dinner and then sat around and visited while the kids played. I do not remember exactly how or why the conversation got started, but we learned that night that 6 adults can fold a simple white t-shirt 6 different ways. Who knew?

Maybe we were bored; maybe we were delirious from our time on the river. I can't say. But it was very funny.
Ruthie, a.k.a. Gigi, got it all started with her origami style of folding. I have seen her do this before, but I still cannot do it. She claims it is the "right" way to fold a t-shirt. But wait! Antique Mommy likes to fold hers in quarters because they fit into her dresser drawers that way. At this point I had to step in. I like shirts folded in thirds and then in half, so that you can see what is on the front of them. Kristie almost agreed with me, but she folds them in thirds and then in thirds again, making a little pillow-like thing. Then the overly obsessed love of my life demonstrated his military training inspired way of "folding". I cannot do this justice. Let's just say he ends up with something that would fit in a toilet paper tube. He rolls his shirts. Seriously. After that, Antique Daddy made fun of all of us and showed how it should be done. I was laughing so hard by this point that I don't even remember his way.
I think we all need one of these:
"This unique, easy-to-use folding tool folds shirts to a uniform 9" x 12" size quickly and easily so that anyone can create a perfectly folded shirt."

And maybe some therapy.


SG said...

Was there alcohol on this trip? :) Glad you had fun!

SJ said...

No alcohol was involved. We were stone cold sober during this insanity.