Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We recently ordered new bedding for each of our boys. Jackson choose this:

I can decorate with this. Airplanes, sky, clouds, got it. No problem.

Jonathan chose this:I don't know what to do with this. I am stuck. Notice the walls in the demo room are plain white. Not helpful. I need inspiration. I could do big camo blobs on his walls, but I don't think I really want to do that. Any suggestions?

I had great plans for cute rooms, but this is what they wanted. Maybe that blue camo looks like the sea? I can do sea/beach/water decor.

I am also a little sad at the realization that they are now beyond having "cute" rooms. When did they get so big?

Update: Right now we are considering painting the walls a light blue and possibly going with a shark/underwater type theme. Jonathan loves sharks and there are some really great shark wall stickers out there that would look good. Thanks for the input!


Antique Mommy said...

For Jonathan's room I think I would paint the walls one of the lighter blues in the camo fabric and leave it at that, maybe paint the ceiling a slightly lighter shade of blue than the walls if you have white crown moulding. Frame/mat and put up some of his art work

And remember it's his room -- he didn't pick sea/beach/water. It's okay to not have a theme. There is a lot to be said for keeping it plain and simple.

For Jackson's room, I'd definitely paint some clouds on the ceiling and do the walls in a pale sky blue and then hang airplanes from the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

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