Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Farm Fest 2007: A Photo Blog

Jonathan and Jackson were excited that their good friends Kolby and Rhett attended Farm Fest this year.

Farm Fest is hosted by Dick and Ruthie Graham. Jason, Justin and Jaime are three of their four kids.

Kristie and Toni helping the "little kid" group with their mural.

Jakson and Mark taking a break in the hammock. Too much fun.

Antique Daddy gives Sean and friends a ride.

Waiting on the next hayride. Do you notice anything funny about this group? These are all adults. Where are the kids?!

Mark introduced a new event on Sunday. Water-bottle rockets. It was a blast! Serioulsy, the kids loved it. (Warning: do not let yourself be hit by a falling water-bottle rocket. It hurts. Trust me.)

Victoria was so tired on the hayride that she had to lean on Checkers for support.

Mark was the hayride song leader. Some people are still haunted by his "Pine Tree" song.

Jonathan and I are ready for the hayride.

Dick Graham, our fearless hayride pilot.

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