Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easter and Spring Break

After church we stopped at UCA for some pictures. Don't my boys look handsome?

They were cracking up when I asked them to pose with the Easter Bunny at the Country Club. We met my parents there for lunch. We had wanted to be traveling with Mark, but couldn't. We had a good time anyway.

We drove to the Toad Suck Lock and Dam to see how high the Arkansas River had gotten after all the rain. This is pretty high. We have gotten even more rain since then. I am sick of rain!

We went to "the farm" for part of Spring Break. Jonathan and Jordan love hanging out together.

Jackson getting ready for the next adventure. One big attraction was the dirt pile. Seriously.

On the way home we stopped at Mark's alma mater, Henderson State University, where he learned to fly.


SG said...

The boys are growing way too fast! How do we slow all this down?

Amanda Sanders said...

these pictures are so cute. The Easter Bunny picture is hilarious.

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