Monday, April 07, 2008

Naked is Funny

I have several things I need to blog about. I have Easter pictures and pictures from the annual Martinville Cemetary clean-up and potluck lunch. However, this is what is on my mind today: Naked Juice.
Jonathan and I picked up some of Naked Juice: Blue Machine the other day. The boys had it with breakfast this morning. Jonathan really liked it, Jackson not so much. The thing that I really found funny was that Jonathan said he would NOT be telling his friends at school what he had for breakfast. He was not about to say "naked" at school. I volunteered to come to school and tell them for him, but he was not amused. 'Cause, you know, if he said "naked" at school the other kids would giggle at him, and that is worse than death in 4th grade.

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SG said...

But there is something really cool about 4th grade boys giggling! :)