Thursday, August 28, 2008

The End of Summer and the Beginning of School

The last weekend of July ( the hottest days all summer) Mark and the boys went to Cub Scout Resident Camp for four days.
Waiting for the closing flag ceremony.
Jackson and his tent mate William.
Jonathan and Chase outside their tent.
We drove in our 8 year old van to San Antonio, Texas and back. The van could not take it anymore and we had to put it out of its misery. The boys - especially Jackson - was not entirely ready to give up the van yet.
Our new ride: a Honda CR-V. It is fun to drive, but I do miss the space the van had.
The first weekend in August we went to Hot Springs and went on a float trip with some dear people. Part of the group went downtown to see the sights. Our Texas friends were intrigued with the actual hot springs, so we had to show them. These boys (Konner Graham, Jordan Graham, Jonathan and Jackson) are great friends and love hanging out together.
I hate this picture of myself, but I love these women. I have known these two forever! I could say I've known them since grade school, but it is actually more complicated than that. With me are Lauren LaCotts Hook and Cindy Cook Tittle.
Jonathan participated in his first triathlon and finished despite having bronchitis and coughing so hard he got sick during the run. (I did not know he had bronchitis!) He is a tough kid.

Jackson and Mrs. Jones. She was also Jonathan's 3rd grade teacher, so we already knew we liked her.

Jonathan was ready to start Intermediate School even if I was not ready for him to. He is doing great and loving it so far. It blows me away that he is in 5th grade already!

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