Sunday, August 10, 2008


Does this bother anyone else? These two girls are talking to the President of the United States wearing what is basically underwear. This is their "uniform". Seriously? Is this really necessary? I know the sport originated on the beach, but come on! Put some clothes on.

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Chris V said...

Just because you decided to let yourself go after you pooped out a couple kids, doesn't mean everyone who is more attractive than you (which coincidentally IS everyone) should cover themselves up so as not to shame your fat ass into getting off and computer/couch and actually doing something toward getting in shape.

I feel sorry for your crotchfruit (aka kids).

- Chris in California

PS: if your gripe with these womens uniform is based on some dumb ass religious fundamentalism, I suggest you grab a burka and head over to Saudi Arabia; you'll find plenty of fellow religious nuts that agree with covering up women there, ass.

PPS: God bless the U.S. of A.