Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rollin' on the River

Our family and some of our favorite Texas people floated on inner tubes and canoes down a section of river in central Arkansas on Saturday. The weather was hot, but the water was cold.

Our group was made up of 10 adults and 6 kids. Wait, only six kids? It sure seemed like more than that at times. Seriously, the four "big" boys get along very well and love hanging out together. The two younger kids (a girl and a boy) seem to get along well too.

Besides hanging out in a nice condo and on the river with some of our favorite people, Mark and I got to eat at two of our favorite restaurants. Woo hoo - that is a good weekend.

I took one of those water-proof cameras and have not gotten them developed yet, but if you really want to see our group photo go to Antique Mommy's blog.

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