Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Canton or Bust!

This may come as a surprise to some, but it is the truth: I lived in Texas for eight years, but I have never been to Canton. Now that I am living back in Arkansas, I am going to Canton.

Saying I'm "Going to Canton" really means "I'm going to the first Monday trade days in Canton, Texas." Which apparently means I am going to the biggest flea market/craft fair/outdoor shopping extravaganza ever. It is in Texas after all.

There is at least one confusing aspect of the "Canton First Monday Trade Days." One might assume that these trade days would take place the first Monday of each month. One would be wrong. They are (if I have this straight) the weekend before the first Monday of the month. So October's trade days are the last weekend in September. Got it?

I am hoping to get some Christmas shopping done this weekend. Christmas shopping in September? You betcha.

So Stephanie and I are going to be loose in Canton on Friday and maybe Saturday without husbands or children. Woo-hoo!


SG said...

I'm trying to decided if we busted? So glad you were here! Great being around you and laughing! Give everyone a big hug from us!

Amy said...

I enjoyed reading about your shopping experience at SG's blog, and just found your blog tonight.

That cracks me up that it took you moving to Arkansas to make it to Canton. :)